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friends only.
heather. nineteen years young. lives on the jersey shore and the beach is one of her favorite places to be. loves her friends + family. wishes she lived closer to kat. music is her world. listens to carrie underwood, boys like girls, and kansas everyday. longs to be on broadway. in love with jared padalecki & shia labeouf. watches bones, gossip girl and supernatural religiously. sees a movie atleast once a week. would like to be as pretty as rachel mcadams. wants to go to canada to meet the cast of spn with amy. addicted to diet pepsi, whoppers, and chicken fingers. loves her girls, gretchen, karen, and regina more than you.

currently: selectively adding ; comment to be considered

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moving to twistedaffair today.
just please ask to be friends before readding me, it's kind of my way of doing a friends cut.
ty! :) ♥

iris - goo goo dolls
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okay so i did a small friends cut and it was done because

1. we never really commented each other, or i found myself just not reading your entries.
2. my flist is getting really full.
3. i do have a lot of personal issues going in my life right now, and i'd only like my close lj friends to know about them.

it really isn't anything that personal, we just didn't click or talk. so if you cannot view my journal entries anymore, please remove me from your friend list, ty.

btw: if you are on hiatus or a new friend, you have no worries :)

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friends cut finished.
okay i did the friends cut. i might do another small one in a week or so because i didn't want to cut newer friends. if you were cut is was because you didn't really comment or we just didn't click. if you think i made a mistake, you can comment here + let me know. all comments will be screened.

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the dr. phillis of lj ;)

ok so jazz told me i neeeded to start an advice community so i did. so if you wanna join that'd be pretty cooool. i am pretty good with advice and shiz and i don't mind helping out anyone so yeaaaah. that's about it.! just check it out if you are at all interested.

 drphillis drphillis   drphillis   drphillis 

and thanks to jazz for making up the community name ;D

can you feel the love tonight - elton john
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